Release Notes for version, 5/20/2019
  • Added checks for complex password.
  • Allow filter of case list by clicking on slice in Case Breakdown pie chart.
  • Automatically rename Rx.png when not on 1st stage.
  • Added validation checks on input controls on Registration page.
Release Notes for version, 2/07/2018
  • Send email to reset password after multiple failed login attempts
  • Allow for rejected cases to be able to change requested return date
  • Display message when if case is rejected when it cannot meet return date
  • Display tooltip over the status image bar to display why a case was rejected
  • Save all cases even if lab cannot be reached and allow to be re-submitted
  • Place item option name above input control on the New Cases page when the name is long
Release Notes for version, 9/22/2017
  • Require a note to be entered when adding a pickup
  • Allow for rejected cases to be resubmitted to the lab
  • Prevent negative enclosure number
  • Hightlight required product fields if missing when closing edit mode
  • Display the number of days for a procedure to be completed next to the combobox after a product is selected.
  • Changed the tracking # on the order details into a hyperlink if data is found in Labtrac database.
  • Display all materials on a case, not just the first one for each product.
Release Notes for version, 6/14/2017
  • An electronic version of the Rx is automatically sent to the lab when submitting a case if your browser supports the feature (IE does not support this).
  • Fixed problem with logoff not clearing the session and remembering authenticate user
Release Notes for version, 4/20/2017
  • New Pickup window to mimic Shipping window.
  • Submitting cases/pickups in DD/MM/YYYY format works
  • Notes for restoration font size increased
  • Address fields not required for new online doctors
  • Can no longer delete documents from existing case, delete button hidden
  • Material now displays on Rx page
  • Labs can now specify what document file types are allowed to be uploaded, error message displayed when wrong document is attempted
  • Fixed problem with messages not being sent to Labtrac before a case was submitted
  • Dialog appears when flash version is outdated when uploading documents in flash
  • Fixed problem with browser caching web pages after logout
Release Notes for version, 1/19/2017
  • The font size in the Notes area has been increased.
  • If your Laboratory require it, you may now be prompted to save your signature to your account and apply it to an order/prescription. If prompted, and you have not previously stored your signature electronically, you will be asked to do so when entering a new case. This feature is enabled by the Laboratory so unless they require to store your signature you will not be prompted to create one.
  • Your License Number and Signature, both stored in your Account Details screen, will now both appear on the printed Prescription.
  • Messages sent between you and the lab will now automatically update; you no longer have to refresh the page.
  • When typing in the Patient Name fields, the fields will now begin to populate with previously entered Patient Names that match the characters being entered. This will help to speed up Case entry and improve the accuracy of the data being entered.
  • Added filtering by clicking on the pie slices of the Case Breakdown pie chart.
  • When the Lab changes the Estimated Return Date on a case those changes now display on the case. If the original Estimated Return Date is different from the current Estimated Return Date both will display on the case.

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